ABOUT dypol deductions

Deduction means: the process of reasoning from the general to the specific.
A conclusion reached from this process.

This is exactly what dypol deductions is about.

The concept of dypol deductions was developed by Austrian designers Astrid Hofstetter and Renate Schuler, founding the label as a mutual brand of their fashion brands actrid and rNaT.

Think dypol deductions as a magnetic field:
based on two poles, two individual positions combining art and fashion, two individual collections developed by both designers independently, integrated into a joint presentation.

two labels /// one magnetic field

actrid’s fashion, headpieces and accessoires stand for precisely defined lines, simplicity and accentuated practicality. Form, colouring and design are derived from selected topics. The label is aimed at the interfaces of fashion design and art, whose paradigms are focussed in each of the various projects.

With the background of theatre, opera and performance the label rNaT stages collections, that draw from classic silhouettes, patterns with precise line arrangements, historically inspired styles and cutting edge design a portable, urban, fresh and spirited fashion.


DD.NYFW.17 /// dypol deductions show at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK /// Feb 2017

Right on time for the 10th anniversary the fashion magnetic field dypol deductions presented its new collection dd10 at the Oxford Fashion Studio Runway Show in New York.

Perfectly craftet design experiment with high-tech materials and intelligent functual fabrics.

Futuristic elements recount the poetry of geometry. Clear lines and functionality team up with ingenious patterns and radical material usage - in a nutshell: dypol deductions.

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DD.VFW.16 /// dypol deductions show at VIENNA FASHION WEEK /// Sep 2016

See a video of the show at Vienna Fashionweek 2016

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LOOKBOOK /// dd10

photo: >>> Margit Berger /// model: Cornelia Commenda /// muah: >>> Klara Pöschl
layout: >>> Sieglinde Prückl /// text: Dagmar Höss & Andreas Hasch


last update 2017|07|15


collection actrid: titan
collection rNaT: CPPR


dypol deductions Show /// Modezone /// Lentos

collection actrid: o.T.
collection rNaT: DaRKMaTTeR


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collection rNaT: KATA